Thursday, July 8, 2010

Camp- Days 7 and 8

We awoke to a very messy rain on Tuesday morning-- the day of our planned all-day field trip, including a picnic! However, we are very blessed with campers determined not to let a little rain stop their fun and counselors willing to help make everything run smoothly no matter what, and we ended up having a great day. The kids really enjoyed the morning's planetarium show-- a new experience for most of them. Each group spent time listening to stories in the library while the other half of the campers had their turn in the planetarium, and both group's behavior during this wait was excellent. We were so proud!
We found a park with picnic shelters, and the skies cleared enough to make for a pleasant, if cloudy, lunch. The junior counselors did a great job of serving Ms. Judy's delicious sandwiches. The afternoon's outing to the skating rink was a great success as always. My favorite part is watching not only the counselors, but even many of the older campers take turns helping the younger kids skate around the rink.
On Wednesday, we took turns visiting the Museum of Art in City Park. We started with the Amistad exhibit of African- American artists, but the kids also enjoyed seeing Native American art and some amazing glassworks as well. We then had time for a quick walk around the lagoon-- lots of ducks to watch and a few trees to climb.
Back at camp, the kids learned about the value of friends in helping you stand up for the right thing. After an experiment with jello (which the kids found is not very good at standing strong), they started working on their friendship bracelets. In Journeys, we began our study of the Civil Rights Movement. They painted their clay suns in art. One of the most exciting parts of the day for each camper was finding out their part in the drama program. It's one week away!

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