Thursday, July 1, 2010

Camp- Day 3

Day 3 highlights were a series of physical challenges, Mondrian paintings, card and board games, and yet another power outage. The younger campers went to Theo's Pizza--the walk-in refrigerator and giant ovens and mixers were a big hit, as was the pizza made by the kids! The older kids went to Whole Foods for a tour with the amazing Ms. Amina, lots of delicious samples, and a couple of slices of pizza.

It was the kind of day that gives us a whole new appreciation for our adult volunteers who are so generous with their time. One of our camper's mothers rescued us from the pizza place when it appeared our planned walk back to church would turn into a swim thanks to Tropical Storm Alex. Dana drove back and forth three times to help get everyone get back to the church. The campers stayed dry, but she ended up soaked. Daphne, our incredible camp costumer and the mother of one of our counselors, cooked for the third day in a row. She then had to serve the meal in the dark as the power went out shortly before lunch began. It all went off without a hitch. Daphne's older daughter Dessiree, a former camper and counselor, also spent the day helping us out. Imelda, the mother of two of our campers, helped Daphne and somehow even managed to reorganize the kitchen shelves amid all the chaos. Finally, Angela, Carrollton's secretary who is perhaps better described as the mama bear of our Hollygrove campers drove back and forth to Whole Foods twice to help give all the kids an opportunity to enjoy that outing.

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