Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Girl's Sleepover

The girls of Quest Kids had a sleepover with Miss Jillian. The night was filled with crafts, games, movies and some spa treatments. 
The girls had a fun time without the boys and enjoyed spending the night at the church.

A Splash of Fun

The children from Kid City Camp all got together for some outdoor fun and games!
 The day was packed with fun water related games that was perfect on a hot sunny day. The kids had a great time reuniting with each other and meeting new friends with the group from Austin, Texas.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

S'more Camping!

We took our Quest Kids on a three day camping trip!
We built our campfire and pitched our tents at Percy Quinn State Park in Mississippi. The kids spent their time swimming in the lake, picking blueberries, cooking over the campfire, sleeping in tents, and overall enjoying the great outdoors. 
 It was a wonderful experience for the kids to be in nature and spend time learning more about each other. All had fun and were tired by the end of the trip.